Comments from Parents

“As parents, we've decided to view the world from an international perspective. It doesn't matter where you are from, if you can enter a relationship with the basics of etiquette, it increases the chance of social successes. Mrs. Chou is an excellent teacher.”


“Kids are encouraged by pop culture to be disrespectful and self-destructive. I just want my child to learn to basic courtesy, kindness and compassion. I saw a change in my child's behavior after the classes – an awareness to people around him”


“Mrs. Chou is a terrific instructor. The children were enthusiastic everyday and looked forward to the next class. They also enjoyed the food.”


“We were very pleased with the teacher, the class and the covered materials. I definitely recommend this class to my friends.”


“This is a life-skills class. They sometimes learn better coming from an expert and it is reinforced with friends. The class covered more materials than I expected which is very good.”