About Us

Why teach children and teens etiquette today? In our pursuit of academic excellence, we seem to have overlooked the development of those personality traits that help our children build lifelong social skills, character and self-esteem. Recent studies at Harvard University, Stanford Research Institute, and the Carnegie Foundation show that 85% of future success depends on social skills and only 15% on technical knowledge. Whether entering the college or the world of business, having the appropriate skills paves the way to personal and professional success.


We know that most families experience time “crunches” today. Along with leisure time, many daily family dinners and occasions have disappeared. Parents may teach manners at home, but  most parents lack time or are not equipped with the knowledge to teach etiquette to their children. Research shows that children respond to the information better when taught by a professional.


At the Bay Area School of Etiquette, our goal is to help youth develop strong self-esteem, and to be socially comfortable and proficient in handling a myriad of social interactions and settings. We encourage the students to have respectful and courteous behavior. We reinforce the  importance of leadership and integrity. Our programs give the students the building blocks for developing poise and confidence.